Updated: Jul 30, 2020

I have always felt that my lashes were quite short and when I began wearing make-up in my teenage years I would always try to accentuate the length of my lashes with different mascaras. If I found a mascara that I liked I would stick to it, until I went to the store and saw another mascara that stood out to me (usually the colour).

Throughout the age of 16-18 I began wearing foundation, not that I really needed too but I just liked how it looked on my face. There was a certain glow that I saw when I looked in the mirror. I have always been a fan of how beautiful lashes look on but after a few times wearing individual lashes, I started to see my own natural lashes start to get thin and if you was anything like me, once two or three individual lashes began to fall off I hated how they looked and took them off the old fashion way with some good old baby oil and water which ruined my lashes at times. It wasn't until after my 25th birthday that I took an interest to strip lashes and instead of individual lashes I would buy any strip lash that I thought stood out to me (hardly ever the same brand or style) from Boots or Superdrug's and go to a beauty salon to apply them for me because I thought I couldn't do it as easy at it looked, or maybe I just couldn't be bothered and I thought 'oh its only a fiver'. I look back at those times now and think 'the amount of fivers I could have saved'.

Fast forward to Dirty Thirty where I decided that I wouldn't be lazy anymore and learn to put strip lashes on by myself as and when I need to. I did not wear strip lashes often only the occasional girls night out or date night, then get home, rip off the lashes and throw them in the trash, as in my opinion they could not be reused. One hot summers day I was sitting and sipping a glass of Wine when I had a business idea. It was at that moment I began my project to supply the best quality strip lashes that will be cruelty free, affordable and reusable. So not only will this save my customers money as they can reuse the lashes, there are many styles and lengths to choose from to create that stunning pretty eyelash effect. I plan to lash as many beautiful ladies as possible because I believe in getting your moneys worth and I also want you to look and feel amazing!

BAAD Lashes guarantees that you will not be disappointed x

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